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  • 200L Brewery
Наименование товара:

200L Brewery


Параметры продукта

Two vessels or three vessels brewhouse: mash/lauter, kettle/whirlpool, hot liquor tank;

Heating method: electric heating, can also be gas heating, steam heating, etc;

It can fix with hopback. Hot wort grant;

The pump will be frequency control, ABB brand or other world famous brand;

The heater exchanger can be single stage or double stage, inside will be SUS316L material.

The platform can be steel grate type, or other type customers like.

The fermenter will be fixed with 4~8 fermenter, its Qty. can be flexible according to customer’s requirement. Or follow our suggestion.

Carbonation device will be optional;

The bright beer tank will be optional, and it can be fixed with carbonation device and sight glass for optional;

With related cooling system;

50L or 100L CIP cleaning system;

PID control or PLC simens control;